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The day-to-day management of your property can be a costly business. Whether you live in a one-bed flat or a five-bedroom house, household bills and living expenses can easily build up.

Over the last few years, energy costs have been rising at an alarming rate, and many homeowners are now taking measures to cut down on appliance inefficiency and overspending by switching to energy-saving alternatives.

Thanks to innovations in technology, tracking and managing how much you are spending is a straightforward process. At a click of a button, it is now possible to turn off your lights and electrical items from wherever you happen to be.

We know that the first step to running a more efficient household is through knowing how much energy your appliances are consuming. As such, we have provided the below comparison of 10 household objects that are typically used on a daily basis, along with how much they cost to run each year.

These figures were calculated using the Energy Use Calculator and based on the price for the kilowatt-hour, which is set at £0.10. Whilst the above costs are dependent on appliance brand, energy provider, and individual usage, they nevertheless provide a clear starting point from which to base your own energy-expense checks.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive item in your house is likely to be your refrigerator. At £157.70 per year, it is at the opposite end of the spectrum to smaller, less energy-consuming items such as your toaster, at a mere £4.38.

Whilst in the grand scheme of things, £10.95 a year may seem like a relatively small amount for lighting your house, that figure adds up when you include all of the light fittings in your property.Especially given that an energy-saving light bulb costs just one-fifth of that price to run.

From this, it is clear that savings are possible for those that are inclined to take them. Running an environmentally-friendly home is easy, efficient, and affordable.